a beautiful mess app

May 16th, 2013

I’m so excited to share my latest favorite iPhone app called A Beautiful Mess (you can click on the link to see lots of fun examples on their website).  I love using iPhone apps to edits my photos and have been using many different ones.  However, the ease of use, small learning curve, and fun factor makes ‘A Beautiful Mess’ my favorite app by far.  This app has a whole bunch of cute & fun photo borders, pre-written phrases, & pre-drawn doodles that you can customize, resize & add to your photos.  Also, it has some filters that you can use to change on your pictures.

As you see from the images above, I’ve gone a little crazy……..okay, a LOT crazy!!!   I decided to test this app on some old traveling photos and love how they turned out.  Believe me, this app is so much fun & addicting!   You’ll discover it for yourself once you download and try it out on some of your photos.  If you do get it, you can share your edits by hash-tagging #abeautifulmess on Instagram or Twitter.  If you have any of your  favorite iPhone apps you’d like to share, please let me know as I always love trying out new ones!

Thank you and With Gratitude,

white is the new black

May 14th, 2013

I love the color white, but to putting on an all-white outfit was terrifying.  To be honest, I’m kinda clumsy at times.  So I had this anxiety that I might spill my food or drink on myself, announcing to the world what a clutz I can be.  Lol.  Also, learning from the past of having young children, I know wearing white can be a challenge as you constantly have to watch out for their playful, grubby hands.

Now that my kids are much older, I can be a little more adventurous and incorporate more white into my closet……. although, I still have to work on my clumsiness. *wink wink*

Lately, I’m currently diggin’ an all-white look.  It looks so modern, fresh, and oh so clean!  Make a huge statement and stand-out this Spring/Summer in an all-white outfit…..if u dare!

[ white vest, tank top & necklace- F21 / white skort- Zara / patent leather clutch- vintage /  gold bracelet- H&M ]

With Love & Gratitude,

happy mother’s day

May 12th, 2013

“There is no one perfect way to be a good mother.  Each situation is unique. Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children……what matters is that a mother loves her children deeply.” ~ Elder M. Russel Ballard

“Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.” ~Lin Yutang

“You see, at the end of the day, my most important title is still ‘mom-in-chief ‘….” ~ Michelle Obama

I hope all of you mothers feel extra special today.

With LOVE to you all, Happy Mother’s day!

Deal vs Splurge

May 9th, 2013

If I didn’t have the mommy budget, I would go crazy for a pair or 17 of these……

I’m a huge fan of the Christian Louboutin Bis Un Bout PVC ankle strap pumps.  Since I’m not so comfortable dropping the $800 for a pair, I decided to search for a more affordable option.

I looked in every store around me and only one had an alternate version, but they were all sold out in my size (boo-hoo).  I decided to take my search online and found a few websites selling a similar, but far more affordable option.  Some websites only offered 1 or 2 colorways, some didn’t have my size, and some were just sold out with only a small chance of restocking.

Qupid Potion-44 Pointy Cap Toe Ankle Strap Pumps//  $39.95 – DSW

I was so ecstatic when I found that DSW had them in all 4 colors (black, white, yellow, & pink).  As luck would have it, they even had a promo going on at the time of my purchase taking $20 off 3 pairs or more, and free shippings for purchase $50 or more. No-brainer!  With all these enticing deals, I couldn’t resist.  Since it’s not a huge investment, I decided to have fun and get them in 3 different colors.  Boooh-yaaaaah!

With Mother’s day just around the corner, it makes these *guiltless* gifts for me (wink, wink), and I can’t wait to rock them!!!

Thank you for your readership!

With Gratitude,


(images courtesy of InTheirCloset.com)

a model in the making

May 5th, 2013

Hey guys/gals! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my work. Life is busy as a mom and wife…and hopefully I can get back in the swing of things and get this ball moving again. I shot a beautiful and lovely little girl named Gabi this weekend. She’s an aspiring model and I really wanted to help her out with some headshots. She just recently lost her tooth which gave her photos a little more character. I don’t work with kids often as they are very much impatient when it comes to photoshoots, however Gabi is a pro. She knew exactly when to pose! She made me laugh which made the shoot even more fun. Check out her shots below. If you’re a casting director or agent and you’d like to book her, feel free to contact me here and I’ll relay the message to her mom. Thanks for viewing my post. More posts to come! xo

overall comeback

May 1st, 2013

Hello May, April showers brings May flowers.  Oh, how I’ve been expecting you!  April has been quite a blessful month to my family and I,  so I hope you’ll be good to us as well.  Lately, I’ve been so mesmerized by the beautiful blooming trees and flowers. As I’m driving, I always have the urge to to pull over for a closer look or pick a branch or two just to hold the blooms in my hands.   I look forward to see what you have in store for us.

just my May thoughts now back to the outfit post …………

One of the 90’s trends that is making a comeback to the heart of fashion this spring/summer are overalls. I thrifted these overalls last Spring.  They fit kind of tight when I first got them and I hoped to squeeze into them by last Summer…but I never could. It was such a tease to have them, but not being able to wear them…such a bummer!  So this baby has been sitting in my closet ever since.  Early in the beginning of the year, I had a personal goal to start working out, get toned and shed some unwanted pounds. Since then, I’ve toned up, lost 4lbs and finally can fit into these overalls.  There’re so many ways you can style this trending comeback piece.  Here’s how I put my personal stamp on this trend.

(overalls-thrifted / white vest, b&w striped inside shirt and necklace- F21 / checkered clutch-vintage / shoes- Shoemint / ring- Rachel Roy )

check out these other articles on ways you can rock the overalls trends



Let me know if this a trend you love or loathe?! …and if it’s something you would be trying out.

Wishing you all a fabulous Wednesday!!

With Gratitude,

beautiful day in nyc

April 17th, 2013

Beautiful day in New York City

From Brooklyn to Soho….just a fun-filled day in NYC after taking Ethan to a Hillsong kids event in Brooklyn this past Saturday.  Some of the images above are my first collaboration with my son, Ethan. He was really excited to capture with an exploring artist’s eye. So we put the camera in his hands and encourage him to experiment & experience.  These selected few are some of his proud captures with a little of post processing help from his momma.

1. Ethan’s shot: the elevators parking garage- That mint green VW van….I’m in love!

2. Our “budding” photographer.

3.  One day, he will not like to have his picture taken, but thankfully that day is not today!

4. Ethan’s shot: New York fire escapes.

5. He still holds mommy’s hand while crossing the street.

6. Ethan’s shot: us strolling the street in Soho, NYC.

7. Ethan’s shot: NYC streets.

8. Pals sharing the NY city scense from atop the Trump Soho Hotel.

9. 9 years old going on 30.

10. Hugs teach us how to give and receive, and hugs educate us how love flows both ways.

11. Ethan’s shot: his momma ….not bad baby not bad !

12. Ethan’s shot….the day was alittle chilly but sky was clear and beautiful.

13. Ethan’s shot: violated bike in the street of Soho.

14. Ethan’s shot: NYC taxi cab


diy: floral crown and ring

April 15th, 2013

Florals /flowers crown are popping out everywhere this Spring season. Whether real or faux flowers, you see them everywhere.  I’ve always been a fan of wearing flowers in my hair, and I love the idea of wearing a crown full of flowers. Since floral crowns has become such a hot accessory I thought I jump on this trend with my own fun, easy and budget friendly DIY floral crown. Just a side note, the real flower crown has the obvious disadvantage of having a short lifespan. You can make your own floral crown with these simple steps that I’m about to show you in this post.

The following below is what you’ll  need.  Most of these materials you can find at your local craft store and will run you anywhere between $12-$18.

DIY:  Floral Crown

1.  Materials- Bunch of baby faux flowers

2. First, decide the distant between each flower  that you want.  Then twist the stems against adjacent flower.

3.  Continue the same process each flower you add on until you made  the right fit for your head.  Then lastly connect the last flower to the first one to make a full crown.

And that’s it! The finish piece above.

This easiest  and quick floral ring DIY ever and so much fun to wear!  It only took me less than 3 minutes to make.

DIY: Floral Ring

1. Tools- Glue gun and wire cutter —–Materials- Baby faux flower (1-3 or as many as you like to make) and Ring base ( you can find this at any arts & crafts store)

2. Start by cutting the wire off the flower.

3. Then glue the flower to the ring base.  Then let your ring dry for the required time.

The last step is to simply enjoy your ring!

These 2 projects combine took me about 30 mintues from start to finish.  If you decide to make one please put up a picture on instagram and show us how you style your DIY flower crown and hash tag us #p4vdiyfloralcrown or #p4vdiyfloralring.  I would love to see what you made.

HAVE FUN and Happy Crafting!!

outfit inspirations: coachella

April 10th, 2013

(dress & wrap-my closet / fringed boot-target / necklace-h&m / floral headpiece-diy)

Since Coachella festivities are right around corner, it inspired me to put this look for my birthday shoot this past weekend.  These pieces has been in my closet for years, and everytime I see it, I think Coachella.  Unfortunately, I won’t be going to Coachella but a girl can always dream….but if I was to go to Coachella, this would be my outfit.

On a side note, I’m happy that the weather is warming up and I’ve got all kinds of projects brewing for this month.

I am so thankful for my readership (old and new). Some of you have been a part of this blog from the very beginning, leaving us some support and encouragements.  So from the bottom of my heart, Thank You. Please know that I appreciate you!

Lastly I want to leave you guys with these words of encouragement on life………”Once you know where you are going, get started.  A life of action is almost always happier than a life of procrastination and inactions.  Even if you are unsure about what to do next, do the best you can.  Make some progress everyday and celebrate even your smallest accomplishments.” ~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

One of my favorite quotes…….”Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself”

With Gratitude,

a simple scrub

April 3rd, 2013

I don’t know about you, but the change in weather always affects my skin. My allergies act up, my skin dries out and just like my closet, I need to do a little Spring Cleaning on my body.

Since I’m a beauty on a budget, I forgo the expensive spa treatments and make them in my very own home. One of my favourite items to make is a luxurious body scrub that can double as a wrap; assuming you have the time and inclination!

Fresh Spring Scrub

To make this simple scrub/wrap, gather up the following ingredients:

- 2 cups of water

- 1/4 cup sea salt

- 1 cup green clay powder

- 1 tablespoon olive oil

- 1/2 tablespoon tea tree oil

Regardless of your skin type, this treatment should be effective and rejuvenating.

Step 1 – In a pot, bring your water to a boil and add in your sea salt. Stir until it dissolves.

Step 2 – Remove from the heat and then add in your green clay powder, olive oil and tea tree oil.

Step 3 – Stir until it becomes a smooth paste.

Step 4 – Slather all over your body and massage it in.

*If you want to use this as a body wrap, double the recipe, slather it on then cover yourself with plastic wrap. Let it soak in for 15-20 minutes.

Step 5 – Rinse off in a nice warm shower (not too hot though) and be sure to moisturize afterwards.

Why I dig it?

Salt is an effective toxin remover and exfoliator. It will help slough away dry skin cells that have been purging themselves after a long winter season.

Anti-fungal and antibacterial properties found in tea tree oil will give your skin a clean, fresh feeling as it wipes away bacteria that can cause some skin issues like acne or even athlete’s foot.

Green clay powder is the ultimate weapon in cleansing and nourishing your skin. Not only does it draw away oil and dirt while maintaining your natural moisture barrier, but it also refines your pores and improves circulation; both of which reduce the appearance of cellulite! It will be even more effective if you really massage it into your skin. Better yet, have your lover massage it in!

Besides having so many wonderful benefits for you, this recipe is simple and cheap to make.

Happy scrubbing!

Contributing Author Bio: Sabrina is a jet-setting lover of all things beauty and skincare. Creating budget-savvy and body-friendly DIY’s like - How to Conceal Dark Circles is her specialty!

Connect with Sabrina at http://BESskincare.com or on Twitter or  Facebook.

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